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Ningbo port container terminal and won awards

Ningbo port container wharf co., LTD., the company received more than 20 awards, the total number of awards the national port of the second."China ports in shenzhen association together the chapter four terms using the three council" spread the good news.Chinese, ningbo beilun second container wharf branch company won 11 awards, and become the worth of accumulated award most domestic container wharf.
Over the years, ningbo port to seize opportunity, develop the market, promoting ability, advance container throughput, wharf programming operation also reduce homework capital, improved economic benefits.Other, ningbo port to accelerate the multimodal transport logistics system to establish a collection, public service platform for promoting the transportation function, water transfer system from time to time, perfect career change in the international affairs further extension, constitutes the port logistics industry and the wharf operations benign interaction, and drive to carry out the superior of the scene, "smooth" port set up from time to time, get new development.Also conducted at a steady, ningbo port also is love as soon as possible, saving energy and reducing consumption, continue to push forward gantry crane "oil change electricity", set "oil to gas" project, such as on building "green" port on the top.

Of container wharf governed by ningbo port container terminal company awards in the recommendation: "2010 China port container bridge crane wharf homework efficiency", "2010 per metre coast through the highest amount of container wharf (teus)", "2010 bridge crane efficiency of single container wharf and specified", "2010 China port quay container ship loading and unloading efficiency", "2010 China port sea rail transport container wharf", "2010 per teu cost lowest power and fuel container wharf", "2010 China port water transfer good container wharf", "2010 China ports international transfer good container wharf", "2010 China port throughput of 2 million teu container wharf", "2010 China port throughput of 3 million teu container wharf", "2010 China port container industry contribution award", "China merchants international port cup research paper competition outstanding organization", etc.