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How to apply good space of the container

Container this modern transport things specific use of time is not long, utility ratio is not high also.Packing their loading means not enough plump, container will become increasingly less utility ratio of practice.So how to progress container load?
The way has a lot of progress in container loading capacity, and according to the utility ratio of container low spot shape, the following to analyze from the aspects of differences.
1. Set up the appropriate container packing design of the new thoughts
Selected some container for carrying things, carrying space was established, when a method to determine the goods packing, the volume of the goods packing box should be roughly determined.How ability obtained the maximum number of loading container? We thought we must be content with two premises: see, packing boxes to pack the goods as much as can be.Second, the container to pack the packing as much as can.
In order to reach these two goals, we I do the design and manufacture and obtained patent three-dimensional calipers measurement -.3 d caliper can form a relatively closed, the premise of the goods is measured.Goods all contain, and extrude was inevitable, thus can measure this case goods real volume.Goods stacking method change, can measure differences form a number of actual volume to identify with the container of the packing thickness differences can obtain relevant volume, packing and identify these boxes are accounting, can obtain divergent packing number, it is not hard to choose the appropriate box to loading container.Also, can also be based on demand and adjust to carry on physique, improve box.
The best box can be determined.Most of the goods box can have a variety of ways, can always find it a box, which is the most suitable containers.Also, can also be based on demand and adjust to carry on physique, improve box.
The best box can be determined.Box of most of the items in the match type can have a variety of, can always find it one of the most suitable container box.We can comply with such standards to consider seeking, it is not hard to reach the target: 1) the goods packing rate whether can change, using the number of divisions, the dimensions must be divided;2) goods display method if we can change, display method differences, the dimensions must be divided shelves;Can 3) package is open to change, open to differences, the dimensions must be divided (open to packaging size than other bias size).
2. Set up can communicate the intention of using the method of expression
From packaging design to the shipment, using the touch at least three units, namely to produce manufacturer, operating companies, container station, lasted ten days.Therefore, packing intention there should be a everyone can clear expression of the solution.Common brief stacking, can through the words, words, can also through the stratification plan to express, but to compare with the complex packing method, especially several packing packing method, these methods can be difficult to articulate.We after a long investigation of container loading and unloading process, the principal said the figure to express, it can intuitively reflect each kind of display of three-dimensional orientation and illustrations, is advantageous for the packing work.Dimensioning concrete, facilitate self-reflection container each deflection gap.A three-dimensional representation of manufacturing is very concise, the drawings and packaging orientation diagram are printed well in advance, to use only a few parallel lines on drawing cross, fill in the Numbers, and paste it.
3. Set up to facilitate the specification of the box and the database design packaging
In order to compare conveniently find out the suitable container body size, according to the differences of all kinds of container specifications, identify box specifications to develop the differences of specification, and will usually all kinds of high utility ratio, loading compared successful housing assembly, set up the database, for reference in the measurement, determine the size of box body.As far as possible using standard box or high utility ratio of the box, can design progress speed.Need to accumulate data and experience from time to time, the design packing will do more and more fast, more to do better.