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The edge of sport houses in natural disaster

About sports in terms of the housing, the current primary effects also lies in the temporary housing category, but also because of this effect, in some specific conditions, can also promote the disambiguation of dispute of this kind of house.At the time set in the wenchuan earthquake, we start investigating sports shack, leaved in qinghai, we start to familiar with sports shack.This kind of house in the natural disaster emergency things, played a magical effect.Greatly smooth the panic in the heart of the people, in the most difficult time, help them survive.Until retirement.
Can say, in front of this natural disaster, the effect of sport houses is incomparable, is no substitute.Set up, with rapid warm warm as a result, the capital of cheap, seismic windproof ability.This is a normal house is difficult to have the movement room done.Also further promote the development of this kind of house.Accelerate the development speed.Also let people better surveyed the house.
And also because of this situation, we also thorough view to the sport houses in this kind of sudden things have effect, also believe this kind of movement of the houses in the future, more and more common in this natural disaster.Effect will be more common.

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