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Container transport and the international multimodal transport

Container transportation refers to the loading of the goods in the standard specifications of the container into the transportation, suitable for sea transport, rail transport and air transport and other kinds of transportation.Container transportation with its characteristics of low cost, high quality and efficiency now became one of the most primary goods loading method.On the basis of the container transport, launched the organic ground contact many kinds of transportation cohesion is international transport, international multimodal transport.
A. container transport
Container transport theory refers to the process of the carriage of goods by a loading method.Container can be used to facilitate rapid loading and unloading repeatedly is a kind of standardization of container.The international organization for standardization presented three series of 13 kinds of specifications of the container, in the international transport of containers to be used for 20 feet and 40 feet in two.Namely type IA 8 'by 8' X4O ', IAA type 8.6 'by 8' X40, IC type 8 'by 8' X20 '.
Container according to the loading of the goods belongs to the owner.Can be divided into FCL cargo and LCL cargo.The whole container load (FCL) can be made of the goods on their own after packing directly sent to the container yard (CY), the whole case after arrival at destination, sent to the depot by the consignee.Yard in the world is located in the container terminal near, container transit point.
Assuming a shipper's lack of a whole box, must be sent to the container freight station (CFS) put out the owner of the goods by the carrier according to nature, to assemble, known as LCL cargo (LCL).Goods to the destination, LCL less than container load (LCL) should be sent to the depot by the carrier after unpacking distinguish by consignee.
Container this told way should be on the shipping documents.General international leakage display way for:
FCL/FCL or CY/CY (tie the whole demolition)
FCL/LCL or CY/CFS (tie spell down)
LCL/FCL or CFS/CY (assembling the whole demolition)
LCL/LCL or CFS/CFS (assembled spell down)
Each container has a fixed number, closed the door after using the steel rope are printed on the seal number.Alternative transport logo, container number and seal number show on the first export documents, become identification marks in the transport and cargo specific marker.
B. the international multimodal transport
International multimodal transport is the container loading method of all kinds of transportation way to link up with international shipping of a new type of transportation.According to the international multimodal transport contract, connecting countries, international multimodal transport has the following five necessary premise:
A. at least two out of transportation of cohesion between international transportation.
B. have a multimodal transport contract.
C. using a multimodal transport document for the whole.
D. by a multimodal transport operator with respect to the entire transport.
E. is the entire single freight rates.
International multimodal transport process, hit greatly complicated problems such as cargo handling, inform, and management, and to undertake the carrier of multimodal transport can only in a limited number of coordination on a lot of transportation way of bridging.Since the early 80 s open multimodal transport business in our country, have set up dozens of transport on the way, but the perfect management system and freight forwarders to collect is yet to be.

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