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Container traffic

According to Alphaliner Marine consulting company introduced in France since 2011 years, once the delivery of 154 new build container ship, once to break the 1 million teu capacity.Estimate the tail and head of the former will also delivery capacity of 280000 teu container ship.

Dry bulk market: this week the BDI index rebound ore demand in China, for the last week's rally, capesize, panama, super flexible three recent first ship transportation price also rose, as long as flexible ship market rate decline last week in a row, but at a narrow., according to the business, the future capesize ship freight will continue to face pressure, from new shipbuilding will present only a wave of delivery peak, and estimates the future weeks ship scrap rate will be slower than usual.Capesize freight to hold before rise, demand still adhere to the flourishing demand for iron ore in China, the supply of capacity and the Atlantic region must seriously.

The tanker market: this week the international crude oil under the influence of market expectations, oil out of the shock downward trend, brent crude at hk $108.71 a barrel on Friday, down 5.35% from last week.Crude oil transportation market clinch a deal this week ship slightly weakened, fulla o ship to clinch a deal was strengthened, freight rate rise and fall.Overall, this week four kinds of typical Marine international tanker transportation market sentiment shift situation is as follows: VLCC combined clinch a deal to lively, TCE rising;Suezmax clinch a deal the contract, freight rate fell to a break-even point;Each route display of indeterminacy of dispute Aframax falling to rise;Product oil tanker freight rate overall decline, a single route rose slightly.

Coastal bulk market: this week falling for coastal bulk cargo transport market, since all the way down in late September.On November 16th, the Shanghai shipping business issued by China's coastal (bulk) integrated freight index closed at 1199.48 points, down 1.7% compared with last week, continue to refresh the year lows.In addition to the crude oil and product oil freight index adhere to smooth, coal, metal ores, grain freight index fell broadly, coastal transport market shows a lackluster.