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Tank container is analysed and the reefer container

Tank container, it is used for the ~ of liquid products, such as alcohol, petrol, chemical, etc.Its tanks tank container and framework is of the first two parts.Used for loading liquid of tank, framework for support and fixed tanks.The walls of the tank is made of thermal insulation materials.Can make the tank insulation.The lining of ordinary grinding and polishing in order to prevent the liquid residue in the wall.In order to reduce the viscosity of the liquid, tank bottom heater, also has the internal temperature of the tank can view to through the device in the upper part of the thermometer.Convenient for loading and unloading, roof with the port of loading, is equipped with discharge valve at the tank bottom.When loading liquid by top loading into the mouth, when unloading the cargo hole flow out, also can use straws sucked out from the top of loading port.

Reefer container, it has a single named freezer, is specialized transport frozen food is given priority to, can insist on low temperature container.The reefer containers in use the international general points two kinds.Is a kind of mechanical refrigerated container, that is, the interior of the container with a refrigerator.The other is a separate party type refrigerated container.This container no refrigerator, as long as the heat insulation equipment, container side walls is equipped with air inlet and air flow, box in a cabin, by ship frozen supply refrigeration installation, the container also known as the individual external reefer containers.