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Ningbo Yuanjing Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2007, the company main business is standard containers, special containers, container modular combination room, insert type container, container trailer, second-hand container, cooler, and the design of the dress hanger containers, etc.
The company has a group of professional management and design staff, in 2013 officially became the ningbo area of cimc company OEM, the whole management team and designers to 90% for cimc backbone composition, in the product design and raw materials procurement to cimc resource sharing, the company focus on product innovation, quality management, has passed ISO9001 certification, is the largest local camp system special container business.

Company is located in ningbo beilun natural harbor, the traffic is very convenient, through the good communication and cooperation with ningbo port group, set up a solid strategic partnership, ningbo port group with the need of future development, the business extended to the various regions, and established the system with multiple important area of business development points "anhydrous harbor", including the xiao shan, jinhua, quzhou, shangrao, hefei, chengdu, etc., all by ningbo container business involved vision logistics equipment co., LTD. To provide technical support services, design and production.

Company now has successfully become the ECHO the sole agent in China the only global company and manufacturer.ECHO global co., LTD. Is a remarkable new generation architecture solutions company, headquartered in Hong Kong.ECHO company using shipping containers as the carrier, in accordance with the requirements of the building system of special transformation, successfully developed a series of product modular architecture.ECHO durable and changeful, cheap products, environmental protection, can provide personalized customer demand design, loved by consumers at home and abroad.